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Our mission is to give customers the best experience.
Extensive documentation & guides, an active community,
24/7 support make it a pleasure to work with us.

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Unique experiences to drive engagement

Users are looking to consume engaging content. We empower our teams to create the most relevant content.

We have one goal in mind, user satisfaction.

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Professional Web Hosting

With easy website builder, unlimited traffic and a range of advanced web hosting tools included

High Security

Most trusted cybersecurity platform

Flexible Reseller Hosting

Get The Best Reseller Hosting With Every Feature You Need At a Price That Can't Be Beaten

Server with Firewall And Networking Solutions

Higher-speed networks to users that need the service

Virtual Private Server

Migrate to the cloud with our VPS.

All the advantages of a dedicated server at a lower price

1 Month FREE trial

Full Refund on all products. 

Domain registration is not included.

Try over 10 free products with no time limit.

Virtual Private Network

Unlimited Bandwidth.

Total Security

Absolute Privacy

Protect All Your Devices

Configuration 100% Free.

SHOUT cast 


Free HD quality radio hosting with no ads. Free Blog Page.

Publish your passions your way. 

Web Hosting

Find the Perfect Hosting Package for You, 

Get the Best Web Hosting Deals Today!


Work from anywhere. Free Mobile Apps, Video Conferencing, Live Chat etc. 

Save up to 80% on your phone bill. No per-user per month licensing. Communications solution. Free.

85% Discount

Powering Our Customers. Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have to say. With KNP-Infotech we’ve got easy-to-use features and competitive prices. We appreciate the great emphasis on customer care and support. We really like the fast registration and renewal process and the easy-to-manage domain name pricing.

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$ 1 .00

/ month
  • Basic sales & marketing for up to 2 users
  • Account & Sales management
  • No customization
  • No support


$ 5 .00

/ month
  • Complete CRM for any size team
  • Get access to all modules
  • Limited customization
  • Email support


$ 10 .00

/ month
  • Unlimited CRM power and support
  • Get access to all modules and features
  • Unlimited customization
  • 24x7 toll-free support